"I have attended the classes here now for over 18 months, 5 times a week and it is addictive, so addictive, the fitness team have helped me lose over 5.3 stone just by doing the classes alone! I have recommended the classes to everybody!"
Nicola Saunders

"Thorough Explanations of The Equipment. Supportive & Personal Approach,Very Obliging"
Carlone Hamerton-Stove

" I Felt So Motivated Knowing Someone Else Was Helping Me Through The Maze Of Gym Workouts - Also Knowing I had To Keep Appointments Helped me Actually Get To The Gym! "
Ali Gordon

"Had No Previous Experience of Gyms - Good To Learn How To Do Things Properly - Getting Used To The Gym Environment ! "
Steph Fallows

"For The First Time Using A Personal Trainer I Have Learned More In One Week Than Any Time Before Using Another Gym".
Jay Collett

" I Used to Only Use a Couple Of Cardiovascular Machines,But Now I can Use A Lot More Of The Equipment,And Have Learned Exercises To Be Done Without Equipment".
Karen Mulle

"I Found It Very Informative With The Emphasis On Doing  Exercise The Right Way" 
Robert Ratcliffe