We’ve got the lot……

We’ve got all you need!

Inspire Fitness boasts one of the most comprehensive exercise facilities in the region, courtesy of Cybex U.K.

To help you tone up and lose weight we have Cybex Eagle Resistance Training Equipment that will Strengthen your Muscles, making them more efficient and stronger.

But you do as much work as you need to, to achieve your objectives, and you use the equipment you are comfortable with.

Our fully trained staff are on hand to explain and help you every step of the way, making your exercise routine enjoyable, and above all attainable.

Becoming a member of Inspire Fitness, you have already decided that exercise and proper diet are important factors in your life.

 As you know, regular exercise is the best way to burn excess fat and build healthy muscle. However, after spending weeks in the gym, most people rely on one piece of equipment to prove all those hours of hard work are paying off - the weighing scale!

 Is losing weight always the same as losing fat? The answer is definatly "NO". Don’t get addicted to your weighing scales.

We also have a complete Free Weight Resistance area for the enthusiast where your fitness goals are our priority!

From losing weight or gaining muscle, we have the equipment, staff and methods available to help you create the tone and shape you want.

Relax and unwind and let one of our massage therapists pamper you with one of a selection of treatments.